2015 General Election

2015 General Election

On 7 May, the UK will be holding its next General Election. All across the country activists from all parties will be knocking on doors trying to get support for their parliamentary candidates.

Hustings will be taking place in most constituencies giving voters the chance to ask the candidates questions on the issues they care about.

Putting global poverty on the agenda

There are multiple parties running from a broad spectrum of political ideology and sometimes the noise from the campaign can be very off-putting. The plight of the world’s poorest can easily be forgotten in the maelstrom. The UK government has an important role to play in ending the scourge of 805 million people going hungry in a world of plenty. 

Concern wants the candidates, whichever party they stand for, to go on the record about their commitment to addressing global poverty and we need your help to do it.

Concern's five pledges for development

We’ve designed this handy pledge card to help. Print out and use if you plan to go to hustings locally or if you are door-stepped by candidates or their activists. One side explains five critical issues we expect the next parliament – whoever it comprises of – to tackle with us.

The other side has a list of questions you can ask the candidates or party activists.

Download our five point pledge card or bookmark this page to look it up easily.

You can look up local hustings using meetyournextmp.com

Concern's development swingometer

We’ll not only be asking candidates about the key development issues, but monitoring their responses and ‘scoring’ them on our election swingometer! The swingometer will show how how much support there is for the issues you raise.


Get involved! Tweet (or email) your candidates and we’ll monitor their responses. We’ll also be blogging updates during the campaign.

Ask your candidates to support Concern's 5 pledges for Development: