Concern on the streets: FAQs

Concern on the streets: FAQs

    Our Direct Dialogue team fundraise for us on the streets, giving people the opportunity to start a regular donation to Concern Worldwide.

    Our Direct Dialogue team fundraise for us on the streets, giving people the opportunity to start a regular donation to Concern Worldwide.

    They have been hugely successful. Thanks to our street fundraisers, Concern has been able to help many more people tackle hunger and fight poverty in some of the poorest countries of the world. 

    How many Direct Dialogue fundraisers does Concern employ on the street?

    The number of on-street fundraisers varies throughout the year. But on average there are about 50 fundraising staff working in towns throughout the UK and Ireland.

    How do they get paid?

    We want to ensure that our fundraisers do their jobs ethically. We also want them to do their jobs well. So, all our on-street fundraisers are paid a flat hourly rate of pay. They do not receive performance-related pay, commission or bonuses. 

    How much of my donation goes on their wages?

    We don’t pay commission to our Direct Dialogue on-street staff. Costs are strictly budgeted on an annual basis. In 2014, we spent 88.5% of income on relief and development work, 8.4% on fundraising (this includes on-street fundraising costs), 2.6% on development education and advocacy and 0.4% on governance. Find out more in our Global Annual Report

    How do I get a job as an on-street fundraiser?

    If you’re interested in joining Concern's Direct Dialogue team, please see our jobs page.

    How much personal information are fundraisers allowed to ask?

    All Concern staff comply with Data Protection Act requirements and sign a confidentiality agreement with Concern. To set up a regular donation, we require valid names, contact details and bank information in order to identify the giver, and a signature to process the donation. The Direct Debit Guarantee applies to all agreements.

    Concern's Direct Dialogue team does not request credit card details, only bank sort codes and account numbers. All the information filled in on the street is handled securely and confidentially. The option to phone people back to register incomplete details can be offered, but results in additional costs for us.

    A confirmation letter is sent in advance of any payment, and regular givers have the opportunity to decide what sort of communication they would like to receive and the ability to opt out of communication if they so wish.

     Why regular giving? 

    Regular giving helps Concern plan and budget for the long term. Regular gifts are not tied to a project or country - this means we can ensure your money goes where it is needed most, and it allows us to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies.       

    Is there a code of conduct?

    All street fundraisers for Concern sign up to a strict code of conduct. Concern is a compliant member of the PFRA in the UK (and IFFDR in Ireland). The PFRA promotes high standards in this method of fundraising and provides regulation by means of a Code of Practice for fundraisers. Concern also complies with the Fundraising Standards Board and, in Ireland, the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising.

    What if I have a comment or complaint?

    Concern takes all comments from the public about our Direct Dialogue department very seriously. If you have a comment or complaint, please contact us.