Education – what we do

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Education – what we do

Our aim is to improve access to primary school for marginalised children, especially girls.

Charity work in Bangladesh: the class from Amader school.

Where we work

We’re working in education in twelve of the world’s poorest countries. These countries are: Haiti, Sierra Leone and Liberia; Rwanda, Malawi and Kenya; Somalia, Burundi and Niger; Mozambique, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Working with governments

One part of our work is to make sure the education systems in these countries can respond to the needs of the poorest girls and boys. To do this, we work with local and national governments as well as with communities themselves. 

Quality of education

We're also training teachers. We're providing learning materials and technical support to the ministry of education. By doing this, we’re raising the quality of education in the countries where we work.

Challenging inequality

We’re ensuring that children, especially girls, are free from violence and discrimination at home, in school or in their community.

We’re challenging inequality at all levels, promoting safe learning environments for girls and boys, free from all forms of violence and abuse. We’re empowering parents and communities to demand the right to education for their children. 

This video shows an example of how we are working to improve access to education in Afghanistan: 

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