Help save lives in the Central African Republic

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Help save lives in the Central African Republic

Over two years ago, horrific violence broke out in the Central African Republic, one of the world’s poorest countries. Families were forced to leave their homes and hide out in the bush for months at a time. 

Wayale Dolo Arka collects water with his mother Anasthasie from a small spring in Gaga village, Ombella M’Poko. Photo taken by Crystal Wells/Concern Worldwide.

Return home

Now these families are returning and hoping to rebuild their lives – only to find their communities are in ruins. Pumps and wells have been destroyed and water sources polluted. Today, over two million people in the Central African Republic are forced to drink dirty, contaminated water. Mothers have no choice but to give their children this filthy water, putting their lives at risk from deadly diseases.

Arka’s story

Wayele Delo Arka, a nine year old boy, lives with his mother in a village called Gaga in Ombella M’Poko. Even before the conflict reached their community and destroyed their home, water was in short supply.

Arka nearly lost his life searching for water. One day, he went out to collect water in the bush. Hours, days and weeks passed. Arka had got lost. When he finally returned 15 days later, he was extremely thin and covered in sores.

His mother, Anasthasie would like to keep Arka at home, but water is in such short supply they still need to go back into the bush every day to collect water to survive.

What we’ll do

Concern has worked closely with local communities to identify damaged water sources that can be restored. As well as rehabilitating wells, pumps and springs, we will build new water points. With your help, we hope to reach as many as 27,500 people with clean, safe water.

You can help

If we aren’t able to supply communities with the essential clean water they need, thousands of lives will be lost to preventable deadly diseases. It is vital we act now. Your donation can save lives in the Central African Republic.

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