Food in a Fragile World

Food in a Fragile World

The global challenges of conflict and climate change are having a devastating impact across the world.  The increase in the number of conflicts and extreme climate events such as drought and flooding means that millions of vulnerable people experience fear, uncertainty and violence every day. 

But they also face a hidden enemy - dangerous levels of hunger and malnutrition.

The sad fact is that a child living in a country affected by or at risk of conflict is twice as likely to be undernourished which can have devastating effects on their future. That’s why we need your help.

Meet Edmond

In the picture above, a Concern worker in Burundi records three-year-old  Edmond’s upper arm measurement with a malnutrition screening band. It reads 10.5cm, meaning he is severely malnourished.

Pacifique, his elder brother, has a reading of 12cm – and is moderately malnourished. They haven't eaten since a small portion of maize ugali [starchy staple food] and beans last night, and both children are hungry and lethargic.

Your support is vital

We are raising funds to help the poorest families get the food, water and healthcare they need to survive and reach their full potential.

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Food in a Fragile World is about supporting the poorest and most vulnerable people - people like Edmond - get the care and support they need for a healthy future.