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There are lots of ways to get involved with Concern through your school.

Concern Fast

Your school could take part in the Concern Fast. This is Concern’s biggest one-off fundraising event and has been running every year since 1970! The Fast takes place every year and this year it is taking place on 23rd November. Visit our Fast website to find out more or to receive your Fast pack email [email protected].

Fast Youth Ambassador Programme

This is a great opportunity for a limited number of post-primary pupils with a keen interest in global development who would like to gain valuable voluntary experience and represent Concern in their school and community.

To learn more about our FAST Youth Ambassador Programme, click here or email us at [email protected].

Debates (Northern Ireland)

Your school could get involved by hosting a debate about some of the tough challenges affecting the lives of millions of people in the developing world, such as humanitarian disasters, hunger and extreme poverty. Find out more on our debates page.

School Presentations (Northern Ireland)

Would you like to hear more about our work? We would love to visit your school and share with your pupils what Concern does and how they can help to make a difference to the lives of some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world. Please contact us on 028 90 33 11 00 to arrange your presentation or e-mail [email protected]. Unfortunately, due to resources, this is currently only available in Northern Ireland.

Charity of the Year

Will your school adopt Concern Worldwide as your 2016/17 Charity of the Year and make a real difference to thousands of people recovering from devastating floods in Malawi?

In January 2015, cyclone Chedza struck the southern African coast causing widespread flooding and destruction in Malawi. Concern immediately responded. So far we have helped over 6,000 families with emergency supplies. But with your school's support we can do so much more.

By choosing Concern as your school’s Charity of the Year you can help these families, and many more, not only come back from crisis now, but protect themselves from future disaster.

Your donations can help people grow their own lasting solutions to future crises. With your support, Concern can provide families with seeds, livestock, tools and training so they can return to farming. We’ll also teach people about which foods are most nutritious, boosting their health and building stronger communities.


  • £60 could provide three families with seeds, tools and training to increase their harvest in the spring


  • £120 could provide 30 families with enough seeds to meet all their vegetable needs for five months


  • £150 could train 30 farmers on new techniques that will help reduce the impact of climate change on their harvests


  • £400 could help provide 6 farmers with seeds, tools, agricultural training and a treadle pump to help crops flourish, providing food and income for their families


To request your fundraising guide, or for more information on how your school can get involved in Concern’s Charity of the Year Programme, call 0800 032 4001 or email [email protected]