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23 years in Cambodia

Concern Worldwide’s work in Cambodia over the last 23 years has helped thousands of people. Last week, our journey there came to an end. Now, we look back at some of our lasting achievements.

Local villager, Pich Sombo (24), has taken advantage of a loan she acquired from a Self Help Group (SHG) organised by SORF (Concern'€™s local NGO partner) to set up a small chicken farm. Conor Wall / July 2011 / Pursat, Cambodia

Your support

Our exit from Cambodia is proof of the difference that your support can make. Your generous donations have been invested in projects that are now providing hundreds of thousands of people with a sustainable future.

Huge impact

Together, we’ve introduced programmes to improve chicken and duck farming, develop fishing industries and build irrigated paddy fields. Our loan schemes have helped communities regenerate small businesses and markets, helping them to earn a living.

Sustaining livelihoods

One of our most successful programmes has been training local farmers to breed and raise ducks and chickens. We helped seventy-one-year-old farmer Mot Sun set up a small chicken farm. She said:

I am an old lady so I cannot work in the fields now. Before I had no income, now I have many chickens and I can sell some to support myself.

A proud moment

We are leaving behind a very different Cambodia to the one we entered 23 years ago. It is with pride that we can say our journey there has been both inspirational and fruitful. Our CEO, Dominic MacSorley, described our exit from Cambodia as a “proud and poignant moment.”

But, perhaps nobody describes the impact of our work there better than Hern Sieng,  who has experienced it firsthand:

Our lives are completely different to what they were even five years ago. Thank you to everyone in the Concern family for helping us to help ourselves.

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