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Christmas cabbage & potatoes recipe

This traditional Ethiopian recipe is filled with African spices and is guaranteed to brighten any Christmas dinner. For tables bigger than two, simply double the recipe and serve 'family style' for everyone to dig in!

Concern's potato programme

Ten years ago, we helped 16 Ethiopian farmers to start planting potatoes, as a means of diversifying their crops, generating income and growing a nutritious source of food for their children. These days, more than 5,000 families are involved in the programme and for 15-year-old Mehamed Ahimed Ali (pictured above), it’s been a life-changer. It's helped his family earn enough money to move into a bigger, brick-built house and pay school fees for him and his three younger siblings.

Concern Gifts

This Christmas, you can change a life by purchasing one of our Concern Gifts. These gifts are the alternative gifts offering from Concern Worldwide and help support our work in 25 of the world’s poorest countries. You could even purchase potatoes for families like Mehamed's and gift it in the name of a loved one. They may be hard to wrap, but they couldn't be easier to give.


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