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Election 2015: Watch our development swingometer in action

As the UK hits the polls, find out how many candidates have said they will fight poverty globally and protect international aid. 

Development Swingometer

It's election time again and the BBC are preparing to wheel out the latest version of their swingometer, fronted by Jeremy Vine. The BBC swingometer dates back to 1959 and was used to visualise the election results in real time. The swingometer gave birth to lots of phrases such as 'swing away' or 'swing towards' in relation to a particular party or candidate. It was well suited when two political parties were going head to head.

Here's the first version back in 1959:

BBC swingometer from 1959. Credit: BBC

The BBC might have updated theirs, but the swingometer is still a feature of UK election coverage. However, in the same way I think that CGI ruined the Star Wars films, swingometers have recently become more complicated. This is possibly due to the need to accommodate a changing political landscape and the emergence of smaller parties.

Here's the version from 2010:

BBC swingometer from 2010. Credit: BBC

In tribute to the original swingometer, we’ve created our own development swingometer, which tracks the number of candidates who have signed up to support Concern's five pledges on fighting global poverty and protecting international aid.

Concern Worldwide General Election pledge card (side1)

Here’s the Concern development swingometer in action:

Over 100 candidates will fight poverty.

We may not have the Beeb’s fancy graphics, but I've built an automated swingometer, that updates as more candidates support our pledges, powered by a Raspberry Pi.

Over the last few weeks, as the election has been drawing closer, our swingometer has been swinging in favour of international development as candidates respond to our five development pledges. Over 100 candidates have said they will fight poverty globally and protect international aid if elected.

You can read more about our campaign here.