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EU tackles global nutrition

On 6 March, Alliance2015 – a group of seven European development agencies including Concern Worldwide – hosted a discussion on global nutrition.


Concern Worldwide CEO Tom Arnold, Member of United Nations Scaling Up Nutrition Lead Group. Photo: Thomas Geogheghan

EU’s approach to nutrition

The talks focused on the role of the European Union and its approach to nutrition, including new ways of building stronger community resilience to under-nutrition.  This requires a long-term approach, based on partnership with local communities, donors and national government. In addition, the recent EU commitments to resilience and nutrition must be followed by strong action plans.

Ireland’s commitment

Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Joe Costello, insisted that helping vulnerable communities to be more resilient is dependent on forging stronger links between the development and humanitarian agendas of the EU. He said that Ireland is committed to ensuring that access to adequate food and nutrition is given appropriate consideration. This will be reflected in a new framework post Millennium Development Goals in 2015. 

Key partnerships

Speaking at the event, Tara Shine, from the Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice, summed up the day’s discussion with the following challenge:

We need to take the words: capacity, knowledge, empowerment and rights and turn them into action. We need to implement them and back them up with money and leadership. Though we are speaking in the context of the EU, all of us who work in development can play a role in maintaining the political profile of nutrition, demonstrating results, and in doing this, scale up our collective action.

In depth

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