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Meet the Concern charity gifts that give the most

Giving a Concern gift is a great way to help some of the world’s poorest people, and to mix up present-buying for friends and family. But it can be hard to know exactly what the charity gifts themselves do to help. Read on to discover our ‘biggest givers’ and how they – and you – will be helping to save lives this Giving Tuesday.

Buying presents can be tough. Even the most seasoned of shoppers can hit that terror-inducing mind blank when it comes to gift giving, leaving you either broke after panic-buying the most expensive thing you could find, or feeling like a bad friend because you forgot about their allergy to pollen and now your next-door neighbour is covered in hives. But this is just one of the many reasons why charity gifts are life-savers (in more than one respect!) Not only do you rid yourself of that stressful shopping centre sweep, but you also give someone in need the chance of a healthy, happy life, all the while pleasing your friends or family, and feeling like you’ve done something good in the world. In terms of emotional, physical and philanthropic return on investment, they’re a no-brainer.

However, the concept of charity gifts can sometimes be confusing. Questions about how they work are commonplace, and it can be hard to know how much the gifts actually help those in need. That’s why, this Giving Tuesday, we want to tell you which gifts are some of our ‘biggest givers’ – which ones give the most health, help and hope to the world’s poorest people.

Biggest giver #1

A village well

This gift can help provide an entire community with a reliable, safe, and easy to access water point. Not only does this mean it can transform, at one time, hundreds of people’s lives with a constant supply of clean drinking water to combat the effects of drought and disease, but it also improves their livelihoods – crops can grow and livestock become healthier. It makes a lasting difference and will continue giving for years to come.

Biggest giver #2

School fees

A child’s education is invaluable. Being able to go to school means that children can grow up to be whatever they want to be, and every child, no matter where they’re born, has the right to do that. Our school fees gift could send not one, but five children to school for a whole year – that’s five futures changed. Priceless. Or, £18 on our website.

Biggest giver #3

A goat

We’re not kidding…a single goat can provide gallons of milk, as well as lots of manure that improves soil fertility and encourages food to grow. Both of which can help feed a hungry family. Plus, baby goats can be given to other families so that they can reap these rewards too, making the goat the gift that just keeps on giving.

You can buy a goat here for just £35.

Biggest giver #4

Six chickens

We’re not yolking! One chicken alone lays up to a whopping 200 eggs a year, so with SIX you could feed a family for a whole year. What’s more, any extra eggs can be sold at the market to provide an income, and they can even hatch chicks too. And this is egg-actly why they’re one of our ‘biggest givers’.

Biggest giver #5

Eight avocado trees

Avocados are lean, mean green machines packed full of nearly 20 essential nutrients, including fibre, potassium and folic acid. They also act as a nutrient booster, helping the body absorb more of the good stuff (nutrients…) meaning that in places where malnutrition is rife, they are actual life-savers. AND, each tree can produce 200-300 avocados every year, so just imagine the impact eight trees could have for a family in need. As you can see, they’re big givers in more than one sense of the word.


So go on, join in the ‘big giving’ vibe this Giving Tuesday and give yourself a break from stressful shopping. Give a family member a gift they’ll be proud to receive, and give someone living in extreme poverty an even bigger chance at life with one of our ‘big givers’. 


(Find out more about how gifts work).