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Philippines: our response

Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the Philippines, was one of the strongest storms ever to hit land. Concern Worldwide is working hard to ensure life-saving aid reaches the most vulnerable people. 

Shelter and supplies

We are continuing to focus on shelter and distributing essential supplies to those most in need.

Concern's Clare Ahern reports from the Visayas region of the Philippines about the total devastation there.

Latest updates

Read our latest update on Medium: "Road to recovery" in the Philippines

Emergency situation

The typhoon killed more than 6,000 people and affected over 13 million. In addition, large scale destruction over vast swathes of the country damaged or destroyed an estimated one million homes. Our team, who have extensive experience in delivering emergency programmes are continuing to assist those who remain in need of water, shelter and supplies. Our longer term programme is aimed at restoring livelihoods for thousands of families.

You can help

Charity work in the Philippines

While a lot of attention at the moment is on Tacloban, many other areas have been severely affected and are in urgent need of assistance.Our emergency team has been assessing the situation in Panay. We have been distributing basic supplies and are looking at how we can respond to people's needs in the longer-term. Our CEO, Dominic MacSorley said:

We are focusing initially on the need for shelter and household items, but we also recognise that up to 70% of these coastal communities rely on fishing for a living and so we will also provide assistance to them to help them to re-establish their livelihoods and self-sufficiency as quickly as possible.

Alfredo Marañon, the governor of Negros, has said that they are "thankful for the international help that has arrived" from Concern and other charities.

Fishing communities

We're also helping 2,000 families in the fishing communities of Concepcion to rebuild their boats. Watch our latest video.


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