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Six things no one tells you about training for a marathon

So you’ve found yourself training for a marathon and hopefully raising some money for charity, but you’re neither a Brownlee brother or Paula Radcliffe? Fear not.

Forget the Insta fitness gurus and the endless training plans (well maybe don’t forget that), we’ve got you covered with six things no one tells you about training for a marathon.

1. You’ll either want to shout about it or pretend it’s not happening


You’ll go from letting the postman know to keeping it a well-hidden secret. But you should be shouting it from the roof tops, it’s a pretty incredible feat and also you’ll need to start fundraising.

“Walk to the station together? YEAH SURE, I’m training for a marathon so need to get the miles in, plz donate.”


2. Everyone is an expert, even the old man down the pub


Wow, did you really accidentally run the New York marathon in 1912 with just tissue boxes for shoes and a broken leg?

As soon as you start telling people, they will either transform in to a Mr Motivator or decide to give you some suspect tips about how they ran sub 2 hours on no training. As annoying as it can be, you will need these people when you’re not sure why your falangee is hurting or what a falangee even is.


3. You won’t look like Mo Farah or any of the Insta fitness gurus


You have your fresh new running gear on and you’re going at the speed of light, probably done at least 3 miles by now and have that healthy glow. Oh it’s been 3km and you’re sweating in places that you didn’t even know existed.

Don’t worry you are complete fitspo and who cares if your workout gear is mismatch, that Concern Worldwide vest you are repping is getting some serious love. #Goals.


4. You and the hungry caterpillar have a lot in common


All of a sudden, you’ll find yourself spending those long runs planning out several course meals. You might not be 100% sure you can get through 26.2 miles, but you’ve been training to carb load your whole life and you’re pretty sure you can eat the 3200 calories a marathon burns off (that equals 21 cupcakes by the way!)


5. You absent mindedly find yourself stretching in public places


You’re hurting in places you didn’t think could hurt, like the IT band, (the whut now?). You’ll start stretching out the aches and pains at your desk, on the commute, in line at the shops, no one’s going to come between you and strengthening those glutes.


6. Running can be incredibly emotional


There will be times when you completely lose faith in yourself, one day you might be able to run 12 miles, the next you can barely make it up the stairs and that is fine. Listen to your body, it is all about balance.

On these days running for a charity and raising vital funds for a cause you really care about can be the perfect boost.


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