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South Sudan: the true victims

Violence has forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes in South Sudan. Deborah Underdown, senior communications officer, has just returned from the country. She writes about her experience there and the true victims of the violence.  
A blog written by Deborah Underdown, Senior Media Officer, Concern Worldwide (UK)

When I first met Nyakuma in South Sudan she was so severely malnourished and dehydrated she wasn’t moving or even crying. She was too weak to eat and had been suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting. 

Thankfully, she was admitted to one of our healthcare centres, where she was immediately was put on a drip to get her the fluids she desperately needed, and given round the clock care.

A life transformed

To my amazement, when we returned to the health centre two days later, Nyakuma was walking around the centre, playing with toys and full of life. It was brilliant to see such a remarkable transformation made possible because of kind people like you. 
Her mother was so thankful, saying, “I thought my child might die. I feel grateful for what you have done.
South Sudan is already one of the poorest countries in the world, and many families rely upon farming to produce food to consume and sell. Now the ongoing violence is forcing families like Nyakuma’s to flee their homes in search of safety, leaving them with no means to feed themselves. Nyakuma’s mother told me, “We ran and couldn’t bring anything with us – just the clothes we were wearing.

You’re helping children survive and grow

Thankfully Nyakuma made a good recovery. But too many children like her are needlessly dying simply because they don’t have enough to eat. Your kindness will save the lives of malnourished children like Nyakuma in the world’s poorest countries, by providing therapeutic food and healthcare. 
Two days after being admitted to Concern's stabilistaion centre in Juba, South Sudan, 18 month old Nyakuma is now able to sit up and play with toys. Photo: Deborah Underdown/Concern Worldwide/South Sudan/Feb 2014
Vitally, you’ll also help their families find the means to support themselves, so they can stop the hunger returning. Month after month, you’ll help more children like Nyakuma survive, grow and thrive - thank you so much.