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The sports duo showing their Concern for the world’s poorest

Chris and Gabby Adcock are certainly making a racket in the world of badminton. Current European & Commonwealth Champions and SuperSeries winners, this power couple (really, you should see the force of their backhands) are taking the shuttle world by storm. And we’re lucky enough to have their support.

Chris and Gabby Adcock

Despite their busy schedule of training, travelling, and tournaments, Chris and Gabby have still managed to find the time for charity. By kindly donning our logo on their shirts at the World Championships [next week] and their soon-to-be launched website, Chris and Gabby’s support is not just valuable to us, but also to the world’s poorest people. At Concern, we know we can’t solve the problem of poverty alone, and it is always wonderful to have new advocates join us on our mission to tackle hunger and transform lives.

When asked why Concern, Chris said:

“As athletes competing in a global sport, we have seen first-hand the poverty that continues to affect many parts of the world. We are very aware of the unfairness and the struggles that many communities in the most impoverished nations face, and that’s why partnering with Concern Worldwide felt like a very natural fit for us. 

We want to be able to use our voice, to help give something back to those less fortunate than us, and we are delighted to work with Concern Worldwide to affect this change.”

It’s safe to say that we are absolutely thrilled to be working with such a passionate pair, and we wish them the best of luck not only in the World Championships, but with the rest of their long and successful careers ahead of them!

Concern's Deborah and Lucy with Chris and Gabby Adcock at the training centre in Milton Keynes

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