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Tackling hunger in Ethiopia

Concern Worldwide’s Francesca Fryer visited Concern’s programmes in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.


Speaking about her experiences, she explained:

Here at Concern Worldwide UK our tagline is ‘tackling hunger, transforming lives’. Having visited our programmes in some of the most remote areas of Ethiopia, I have seen with my own eyes that we have transformed thousands of people’s lives through tackling hunger.

Transforming lives

One of our beneficiaries there is smallholder farmer and widow, 35 year old Alemitu. She has three children who are 18, 17 and 15 years old, and a one year-old grandchild. She explained to Francesca that before Concern developed a watershed and livelihoods programme in her village she had nothing:

I was begging from other farmers so I could feed my family.

As part of a loan, we provided her with two ewes and a ram. With the profits that came from breeding her sheep, she was able to buy a horse to plough the fields. She also bought an ox. When the rains failed one season, she was able to sell the ox so that her family weren’t affected by the crop failure.

Steady income

Alemitu is growing different crops such as potatoes, apples and pears which she sells at the market. Now that she has a steady income, she can afford to put her two younger children through school.

Providing hope

When asked what her hopes are for the future, Alemitu explained,

I want to continue to improve my livelihood so that I can provide more in my home. If there are new techniques and new skills Concern can share with me, I want to learn. Before, I was hopeless, and now I have hope.