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The terrible facts behind Leonel’s hunger

We’ve been sharing the story of Leonel – a little boy who needed urgent medical help after becoming malnourished. But how many others face this deadly threat?

Our pictures of Leonel being cared for at a Concern clinic, his limbs painfully thin, are heartbreaking. And Leonel’s story is not unique.

The 2016 Global Hunger Index shows that 21.2 per of people in Kenya are undernourished. Almost one in 20 children there die before their fifth birthday, often because of hunger.

Around the world, 795 million people – more than 12 times the population of the UK – don’t have enough to eat.

Effects can last a lifetime

Hunger can have awful consequences, even for children who survive it. It might leave them stunted – less mentally and physically developed. Stunting makes it harder to do well at school or earn a good living as an adult. So hunger can trap families in a cycle of poverty.   

There is some good news. In 1992, 35.3 per cent of people in Kenya were undernourished. Hunger levels are falling, in Kenya and around the world. But they’re not falling quickly enough.

Children like Leonel can’t wait years and years for an end to hunger. We need more action to end the problem faster. We’re working hard to Concern and our supporters will help people conquer hunger and

Concern has saved the lives of millions of children around the world with emergency food and healthcare. We’re helping farmers learn new skills and cope with the effects of climate change, supporting breastfeeding women, and making sure families in conflict-hit countries have enough to eat.

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