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West Africa crisis: update

Since 2011, Concern Worldwide has been helping some of the people worst-affected by the West Africa food crisis. 

Below is an update on what we’ve been doing in Niger to help some of the world’s poorest people transform their lives.

Food crisis

We have been working in the Tahoua region of Niger, where thousands of vulnerable people were affected by the food crisis last year. In June, there had been no rain and very little crops had grown. Unrest in Libya and Ivory Coast prevented many men from travelling to find work to feed their families.

Treating malnutrition

With so little food available, children like Souweba were being brought into our malnutrition clinics close to death. We were able to provide antibiotics, therapeutic milk and peanut paste to save Souweba’s life. She became one of the 15,378 children we treated for malnutrition last year in Niger. Whilst this sounds like a lot, we managed to keep the number of malnourished children below emergency levels, which was a significant achievement.  

Cash transfer programme

We’ve also been helping people like Mrs Amadou, a widow with eight children, to feed their families. Mrs Amadou sowed the last of her seeds the year before the food crisis and her harvest failed. We were able to give her cash transfers so that she could buy grain at the market. She was later able to set up her own business selling grain and earn an income to support her family.

Thank you

It’s because of your continued support that we’ve saved the lives of people like Souweba and Mrs Amadou and we want to say a huge thank you. Your donations have brought hope to the communities we’ve worked with in Niger and allowed them to build a future for themselves.

You can help

If you’d like to help, there’s still time to donate. Your support will save lives.