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When will DFID hatch their nutrition plan?

In 2015, the UK government made a welcome and ambitious commitment to improve the nutrition of 50 million people by 2020. Two years later, we’re still waiting to see the strategy that outlines how they will achieve this. The Department for International Development (DFID) is responsible for meeting this promise and we think they should publish their long-overdue nutrition strategy on World Food Day, 16th October.

Image: possible sighting of nutrition strategy; will DFID hatch their plan in time for world food day?

DFID has long been a nutrition champion for the poorest people around the world because good nutrition is not only fundamental to child health and development, it can also boost national economies. Earlier this year, DFID reported they have reached 26.3 million people with nutrition-related programmes since 2015, which is a huge achievement. However, the nutrition strategy is missing, now two years late, and we need to know some details.

Without the strategy, we don’t know where DFID’s priority nutrition countries will be, if DFID will prioritise the best nutrition programmes, and how DFID will reach the poorest and most marginalised to ensure they leave no one behind. It’s therefore difficult for us to know if we should be applauding DFID’s continued leadership, or pushing them to do more.

Wouldn’t World Food Day be a great time to launch DFID’s nutrition strategy to the world? It will be a stark reminder that 795 million people still go to bed hungry every night and that malnutrition is responsible for almost half of all child deaths. World Food Day is an important moment for Concern too as we launch our Global Hunger Index, which ranks countries on their levels of hunger. Will countries at the bottom of the index feature in DFID’s nutrition strategy?  

Right now we need your help. Please share this post and #TellDFID to hatch their plan and release the long-awaited nutrition strategy this World Food Day.