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Your voice

Our work wouldn’t be possible without your generous support. You campaign with us, you raise money for us and you use your voice to spread the word about what we do. 

Amrao Manush Paltan Pavement Dweller Centre (PDC). Lasina 4, Fatema 5 and Mariann 5 Picture: Marie McCallan/Press 22

Fears for humanity

Recently, on Facebook, we asked you: “what [do you believe is] the biggest threat to humanity?” We got a lot of passionate responses.

You said the greatest threats were poverty, hunger, war, greed and humanity itself.

Facebook - threat to humanity comment

That wasn’t all. Ignorance, money, climate change and selfishness all play their part in creating a less- than-perfect world.

Facebook comment - threat to humanity

Making hope a reality

When we asked people on Facebook about their greatest hope for humanity, the responses were unanimous: access to food, overcoming poverty, peace, dignity and equality.

Facebook - hopes for humanity

Facebook - hopes for humanity comment

Play your part

All of these hopes are directly linked to people’s greatest fears for humanity. The first important step is making your voice heard. The second step is to do something: