Concern distribution in Syria.Concern distribution in Syria.Concern distribution in Syria.
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Syria: Concern’s response to coronavirus

Act now, save lives


The scale, severity and complexity of need in Syria is extensive, with over 11 million people in need of urgent support, including thousands of people living in camps and informal settlements.

These communities are especially vulnerable to coronavirus due to cramped living conditions, inadequate shelter and limited access to water, handwashing facilities and soap. In a country shattered by 10 years of conflict, there are very limited health facilities available to treat existing medical conditions. Moreover, there are just 465 intensive care unit beds in the country, meaning that if the virus were to take hold, the effects would be devastating.

Concern, as a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee, is appealing for funds to help people as they face this deadly new threat.

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Concern is taking immediate action to protect these communities in Syria by:

  • Distributing soap and water to over thirty thousand people.
  • Rapidly increasing the distribution of hygiene kits, which include soap, dishwashing gel, shampoo and laundry powder
  • Coordinating extensive hygiene promotion campaigns based on World Health Organisation guidelines such as appropriate handing washing practices
  • Building handwashing facilities at health centres, with plans to increase the number of water points to ensure people are better equipped to adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • Continuing to distribute food vouchers to limit the economic effects coronavirus will have on these already vulnerable communities


We must act now to save lives and stop the spread of the disease. Your support will make this possible and can help us reach more people, sooner.

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Coronavirus Response

  • The coronavirus poses an existential threat to the world's most vulnerable communities

  • Our teams are mobilising to respond to the threat and help save lives

  • We need your help to reach more people

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