Baby Nala receives life-saving therapeutic food. Photo: Jennifer Nolan / Concern Worldwide

Somalia Appeal

Years of conflict and drought have pushed Somali families to breaking point. Help a family survive.

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You could help give babies like Abdulla the 8 building blocks of a healthy happy life

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We work with the world's poorest people to transform their lives. Together with our amazing supporters, we are working for a world free from hunger and poverty. Find out more about us, the countries where we work and how you can help.



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Buy a pig for £8 this Christmas

This little piggy (£9) could provide an income to a family in Uganda.

Buy school lunches for £30 this Christmas

School lunches (£16) will give children full tummies so they can concentrate.



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What we've achieved

What we've achieved

Safi Ramadan, a widow with 10 children, is one of the farmers we are helping to train in Tanzania.

We are tackling extreme poverty in some of the world's most vunerable communities 

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What we're focused on

What we're focused on