How we are governed

Concern Worldwide (UK) is governed and regulated by our Trustees.

The activities of Concern Worldwide (UK) are carried out in association with Concern Worldwide, a company registered in the Republic of Ireland, which is registered as a charity and is the sole member of Concern Worldwide (UK).

All our trustees are non-executive and are drawn from diverse backgrounds in business and professional life and bring a broad range of experience and skills to board deliberations. There are clear distinctions between the role of the board and the executive management team to which day to day management is delegated.

The board meets five times a year and has appointed an Audit and Finance Committee which has responsibility for monitoring of the organisation’s financial systems and policies, including the audit and risk management systems. During 2017, the board established a Fundraising Committee which has responsibility for fundraisings strategy and oversight, fundraising standards and reputation, fundraising policy, openness and accountability and trustee skills and training. 

The members of the board cannot, under the governance regulations of charity, receive remuneration for services to Concern.


The day to day management of Concern Worldwide (UK) is the responsibility of the Executive Management Team. The principle that “management purposes, board decides, management implements, board monitors,” forms the basis of the board and management relationship. 

Policy, strategic planning and budgets are prepared by management for consideration and approval by the board.

Finance committee

The board appointed an Audit and Finance Committee, which is made up of the Honorary Treasurer, Vice Chair and one or more other Trustees with relevant experience.

The Audit and Finance Committee have responsibility for the monitoring of the organisation’s financial systems and policies. This includes the audit and risk management systems.

Legal Status

Concern Worldwide (UK) is a limited company by guarantee and all of the Trustees are also full directors of Concern Worldwide (UK) for company law purposes. The company is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (Charity Number 1092236).

NFI materials being distributed by Concern in masisi, DRC. Photo: Kieran McConville/Concern Worldwide

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