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Alarming hunger level in EthiopiaAlarming hunger level in Ethiopia

Alarming hunger level in Ethiopia

Giving £68 could help stock a clinic with vital medicines to treat up to 10 children

As Ethiopia grapples with the impact of the El-Nino induced drought, Concern Worldwide is scaling up its emergency response to help tackle the rising levels of hunger. Millions of lives could be affected by September, and we need your help to keep the hunger crisis at bay.

The natural weather event known as El Niño adds heat to the planet that is already warming under climate change.  Ethiopia is one of the countries that has contributed least to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide but is heavily affected by its consequences.

mother and child at health clinic
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Giving £34 could provide a four week course of therapeutic food to help two malnourished children

Immediate action required.

Concern, the Ethiopian government and humanitarian partners are warning that up 10.8 million people are at risk of food insecurity between July and September 2024. Malnutrition rates have already surpassed globally recognised crisis thresholds in the regions of Afar, Amhara and Tigray.

While the situation in many of these areas is already alarming, there is an opportunity to avert a serious humanitarian catastrophe.

Ambassador Shiferaw Teklemariam and Dr Ramiz Alakbarov - UN Resident Humanitarian Coordinator in Ethiopia

But this window of opportunity is short and we need to take urgent action to prevent a serious humanitarian catastrophe.

Reeling from conflict to drought

Severe water shortages, dried pastures, and reduced harvests are the result of the El Nino-driven drought. The situation is most critical in northern Ethiopia where communities have yet to recover from the 2020-2022 conflict, particularly in parts of Amhara, Tigray and Afar where the recent harvest was severely disrupted leaving households with no, or limited, food stocks. 

The Ethiopian government and donors have already assisted 6.6 million people with food and cash in drought-affected areas. Concern, with the help of key donors, will provide emergency support to approximately 20,000 people. 

How your donation is used

Overseas programmes

78.9% of your donation goes towards our emergency response and long-term development work, working together with people living in the most difficult situations, rebuilding and transforming lives, livelihoods and communities.

Eliza Manjolo in her shop in Nsanje, Malawi Photo: Chris Gagnon/Concern Worldwide
  • 16.7%


    This is money spent to raise funds for Concern’s work.

  • 4%

    Policy, advocacy and campaigns

    We invest money to campaign, lobby governments, run petitions and put pressure on decision-makers to tackle the underlying causes of extreme poverty and push for change.

  • 0.4%


    Funds spent to ensure Concern is compliant and adheres to the highest standards.

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The Ter Shet river runs through Legahida and the surrounding area.

Help tackle the rising level of hunger in Ethiopia

  • 10.8 million people are at risk

  • In 2023, we could provide life-saving food treatment to over 37’000 children

  • Giving £34 could provide a four week course of therapeutic food to help two malnourished children

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