About Concern

About Concern

Concern Worldwide works with the world’s poorest people to tackle hunger and transform lives.

Hunger affects everything for the world’s poorest people. We are working for a world where no one dies for want of safe, nutritious food. Our approach focuses on practical, intelligent solutions that save lives and build livelihoods. 

Responding to crises 

The places where we work are often at greater risk from disasters, both natural and manmade. In an emergency, Concern acts quickly to save lives. Then we stay to work with communities, rebuilding lives and livelihoods to ensure people are better prepared for future crises. 

Change on a global scale 

We know we won’t solve the problem of hunger alone. In a world where one in nine people go hungry every day change is needed on a global scale. Through our advocacy, campaigning and influencing work we bring our practical experience to bear on national and international policy. 

Working in partnership

For more than 40 years, we’ve been working in partnership with communities, combining our expertise with their local knowledge. 
Our approach enables families to tackle hunger and work their own way out of poverty. 

Find out why Concern is working to tackle hunger, and how hunger influences all of our programmes.

Our work focuses on education, emergencies and health, livelihoods, HIV and AIDS.

Concern is supported by generous donors. We also receive money from governments and other partners.

Concern Worldwide UK is governed and regulated by its trustees. These are drawn from diverse backgrounds.

A group of determined people started Concern in response to charity appeals for help from war-torn Biafra in 1968.

87.8% of our budget is spent on relief and development. The remainder goes on fundraising, education and governance.