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Maintaining the safety and protection of the communities with whom we work and of our staff is of primary importance  to Concern. 

We are a signatory to the Statement of Commitment on Eliminating Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN and Non-UN Personnel and to the Red Cross Code of Conduct

Concern places particular emphasis on standards of behaviour that we expect from our staff, visitors to our programmes and those of our local partner staff. To this end we have the Concern Code of Conduct (CCoC) and Associated Policies i.e. Programme Participant Protection Policy (P4), Anti-Trafficking in Persons Policy and Child Safeguarding Policy. These policies were reviewed in 2018 and a comprehensive roll out of the updated policies was delivered to all our staff who were asked to recommit to upholding them. These policies are reflected in all aspects of our daily work and set out the standards of behaviour expected from all employees in relation to each other, our programme participants and other relevant parties.

We have a Complaints Response Mechanism and are committed to investigating allegations of behaviour in breach of the above policies. All complaints are investigated, following established investigation guidelines, and where substantiated, disciplinary action is taken, up to and including dismissal. 

In 2018 we further strengthened our commitment to safeguarding through the establishment of a dedicated Safeguarding Office led by our Head of Safeguarding, an experienced social worker. This office oversees  the implementation of our safeguarding policies and procedures with the aim of ensuring that programme participants, including children, staff, and all who come into contact with Concern’s work are protected from any form of exploitation and abuse. 

Children laughing and playing in Malawi. Photo Jennifer Nolan / Concern Worldwide.

Report a safeguarding Concern

  • Concern has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment, exploitation, abuse and trafficking of children and adults

  • All complaints are taken seriously, whether anonymous or not

  • Confidentiality, safety, dignity, respect and natural justice are core principles

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