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Contacting you by telephone

Contacting you by telephone

How we use the phone to speak with you

Some calls are conducted by Concern employees and others are conducted by fundraisers working for our partner agency called Angel. 

Angel are a telephone fundraising agency based in Cornwall who we’ve been working with since 2020. Everyone you speak to from Angel will have been briefed and trained by a Concern employee.

Who will you speak with

We only call supporters who have agreed to be phoned and who have given us their telephone number.

We find that by talking with supporters like you we learn more about why you have chosen to support Concern and it gives you an opportunity to ask questions about our work or change how you support us. We’re also able to update you on Concern’s work which is continually evolving whether that be because we’re responding to a new emergency such as a flood or expanding our programme due to increase needs.

At start of every call we check that it is a convenient time for you and if not we call another time. Also if on the call you request not be called again we update our records and you won’t be called again.

Which numbers may have called?

The telephone numbers we call from are:




During what times could I be called?

All calls are made between 10am to 8:30pm Monday to Saturday. Occasionally if a supporter requests it we may call them after 8:30pm. 


How can I provide feedback about the call I received

We would to hear from you about your call with us for example if you enjoyed speaking with or if you felt that the call could have been better. 

Please send your feedback to: 

[email protected].

It would be helpful if you included the number you were called on and the date of the call. 


Pauline, calling supporters to thank them for supporting Concern.

What can I do to stop receiving calls?

If you’d rather not hear from us by phone please contact on Supporter Care team:

By Phone:

0800 032 4001

By Email:

[email protected]

By mail:

Supporter Care

Concern Worldwide

47 Frederick Street