How to train for a marathonHow to train for a marathonHow to train for a marathon

How to train for a marathon

How to train for a marathon

So, you have decided to take part in a marathon. First of all, congratulations! Only 1% of the world’s population will run a marathon in their lifetime, so you are at the start of your journey of joining a very exclusive club

However, before you start thinking of where you will put your medal, there is the small matter of training for this 26.2 mile challenge. Whether it is your first or fiftieth, every runner needs to have a great training plan to ensure they arrive at the start line feeling great, but more importantly, are adequately trained to make it to the finish line! So here are our top ten marathon training tips...

1. Treat your feet (and the rest…)

The correct footwear is essential, and the right set of trainers can make or break a great marathon training plan. Go to your local running or sports store and speak to the experts. They will be able to give you some great advice. Most running shops will also be able to provide ‘gait analysis’, which will analyse your running style, and help choose the perfect shoe for you.

As well as shoes, you should invest in good quality running shorts or leggings, technical running t-shirts, a running jacket or two (for those cold winter runs) and some running socks. All of these will help your performance, but be prepared to become very familiar with your washing machine!

2. Don't start from zero

3. Plan, run, log

4. Watch yourself

It's a marathon, not a sprint (obviously...)

6. Misery loves company

7. Mix it up

8. Stretch and strengthen

9. Listen to your body

10. Remember your why, and smile!

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