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Community Voices for Flood Resilience in Tana River County, Kenya

Last updated:
18 October 2023
Z Zurich Foundation

Concern Worldwide is currently implementing a flood resilience project in Tana River County, Kenya. It is funded by the Zurich Foundation as part of the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance (ZFRA) project.

Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance is a multi-sectoral partnership focusing on finding practical ways to help communities in developed and developing countries strengthen their resilience to flood risk.

Handaraku village, Tana River County Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance Concern Worldwide
Handaraku village, Tana River County Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance Concern Worldwide

The aim of the ZFRA project is to ensure that floods have no negative impact on people’s and businesses’ ability to thrive, advocating for increases in social, political and financial investment in community based flood resilience-building through public, private and third sector partnerships.

The project, based on empirical evidence, aims to shift the narrative for supporting flood-affected communities away from flood response and recovery to pre-event resilience, so that flooding does not have a significant negative effect on lives and livelihoods. 

This Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities (FRMC) process brief was gathered through documents produced as outputs of the process such as vulnerability index and community feedback. The project utilised the FRMC tool, which was developed by the ZFRA, in order to give the community, stakeholders and project staff an understanding of the current resilience status of a community and enables them to develop participatory risk-informed resilience actions. 

Participating community are engaged using the following methods:

1) Orientation of the communities and stakeholders.

2) Scoping Exercise.

3) T0 (the original time point) survey.

4) Community Feedback and validation.

5) Proposal prioritisation intervention and action planning.

This Process Brief provides demonstrates how to measure the resilience of a community to floods before and after intervention.

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