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Emergency Protection and Resilience Building for Refugees in Turkey Final Evaluation 2019

Last updated:
21 January 2020

The final evaluation of Concern's Emergency Protection and Resilience Building for Refugees in Turkey project was carried out in August 2019.

The project was found to be very relevant to the context and the needs. The Protection Hubs are addressing the complex needs around psycho social support (PSS), which can be difficult to identify on an individual basis, but are clear from all reports and interviews regarding the impact of the conflict and of displacement on civilians. Case management and increased access to information, support and services is  really needed among Syrian (and non-Syrians) refugees’ communities in South East Turkey.

The potential far-reaching and long-term impact of working with children and their caregivers to strengthen psycho social well being, however, cannot be ignored in this context. While the activity cycles themselves last only 3 months, the impact of a child learning skills to strengthen their social, emotional, and cognitive well being, and caregivers learning positive parenting skills, could potentially be very long term and have consequences that last far beyond the time frame of the project itself. The scope of the project and the time frame of the evaluation does not allow for a full analysis in this respect, but the potential for long-term impact came across strongly through the primary data collection phase, and is clear from the literature in general available on PSS.

For security reasons, and due to the senstive nature of the content of the evaluation report, the report cannot be made publicly available.

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