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Father's Aubrey and Maulo Father's Aubrey and Maulo Father's Aubrey and Maulo

Life-changing gifts for dads who don't know what they want

Life-changing gifts for dads who don't know what they want
Story28 May 2024Abigail Hanley

Dads can be tricky characters to buy presents for. Have you ever asked your dad or the father figure in your life, ‘What would you like for Father’s Day?’ to receive a reply along the lines of, ‘I don’t need anything’ or, ‘I don’t know!’

Sound familiar? Not to worry, we've got the solution for you

How about gifting your dad the chance to bring about lasting change to people living in the most difficult situations with a Concern charity gift! You can give a pig, books, or even an avocado tree to help families living in extreme poverty. This Father’s Day, your dad could support families to improve their lives, just like Maula, Aubrey and Kosimasi’s - three fathers who worked with Concern to build a sustainable future for their families. 

Dads like Maula growing a new future for their family

Maula lives in Sindh, Pakistan with his six children. He is a farmer by trade and has been since he was 18 years of age. With two acres of land to his name, Maula cultivates the land for cotton, wheat and mustard. 

In 2022, catastrophic floods destroyed Maula’s home, land and livelihood. He was robbed of the ability to earn a living and his family had to live in tents on the side of the road.

Maula explained: 

It was very difficult to survive. It became impossible to earn a living after the rains. There was no cultivable land and we could not grow any crops for the season. Labourers had nowhere to work. We…survived by doing odd jobs. I had to sell the animals that had survived the rains. We did not have the funds to plough the land or purchase the seed. I felt like I would never be able to use the land again.

Following the flood, Concern supported Maula and his fellow farmers with saplings, cotton seed and fertiliser and set up a farmer school for men and women with classes on effective techniques for producing a bountiful harvest. 

Maula said, “They taught us so much. They supported us when we could not stand on our own.” 

Maula sewing seeds in his field
Maula Dinno is a farmer in Sindh. He sows cotton seeds on the farm land. He attended trainings at a farming school facilitated by Concern Worldwide and also received the cotton seeds to help him overcome the losses he faced during the floods in 2022. Photo: Khaula Jamil/DEC/Concern Worldwide

Dads like Kosimasi can now pay for their children’s school fees

Kosimasi, a farmer and father of three daughters, lives in Neno District in Malawi. In 2005, a dam was constructed by the government to allow the farmers in the area to diversify into fish farming and not just depend on arable farming.

But, due to soil erosion, they found that their ponds kept being swept away. Through Concern, Kosimasi and his fellow farmers learned more about climate-smart agriculture and adapting. Concern also supported the farmers to make organic fertiliser and provided the necessary tools for cultivating, like hoes, slashers, picks, watering cans, wheelbarrows, hammers, tape measures and drums. Kosimasi explained that he is now able to harvest crops several times a year.

Before he began fish farming, Kosimasi struggled to pay for school fees for his children, but now, he has even managed to pay for his younger brother to attend school by selling the fish he produces in the dam.

A man and two women stand beside a dam
Kosimasi Salijeni (37) at the pond in Samu Village. Kosimasi is a farmer, married to Jenipher and father to 3 girls. Maguwero dam, Neno District. Photo: Chris Gagnon/Concern Worldwide

How one little pig made a big impact for dad Aubrey and his family

Aubrey from Malawi is able to supplement his family income thanks to a pig he bought with support from Concern. His sow can produce 12 piglets in every litter and Aubrey can now relax in the knowledge that he will have livestock to sell at market and can now look forward to a better future for himself and his family, with a sustainable livelihood. So, this Father’s Day, don’t just give any boar-ing old gift – give a pig. Shop our animal gifts now.

Aubrey holding his piglet and smiling
Aubrey James, and his wife Mary Kaleti, used cash from their CUMO loan to buy a piglet. Photo: Chris Gagnon/Concern Worldwide

By shopping Concern’s charity gifts, you’ll find plenty of new and alternative present ideas to put a smile on your loved one’s face. Your shopping will support families living in the world’s poorest places to work towards a brighter future. Each gift represents our work with people who are most vulnerable to crises. You can buy our alternative gifts all year round.

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