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Concern’s fundraisers are back on the streets: Here’s how we’re doing it safely

Street fundraisers in London
Our fundraisers take to the streets in London, equipped with their new Covid-friendly attire

With lockdown restrictions lifting, Concern’s face-to-face fundraisers will return to the streets this month. Here’s how we’re ensuring the health and safety of our fundraisers and the public during Covid-19.

Why is Concern restarting face-to-face fundraising now?

The pandemic has been enormously challenging, both here in the UK and across the globe. But we’re not all experiencing it equally; for countries already in the midst of humanitarian crises caused by conflicts, natural disasters and climate change, coronavirus could have even more devastating consequences. Weak health systems, combined with risks such as malnutrition, overcrowded living conditions and lack of access to water and washing facilities, mean the impact of the virus in the countries we work in could be catastrophic.

Now that lockdown restrictions have begun to ease, the government have confirmed that public fundraising can commence from 12 April 2021. With measures in place to keep the public and fundraisers safe, there is a pressing need for Concern to begin fundraising again to help communities who have been hit hardest by this crisis, as soon as possible.

Are you legally allowed to carry out face-to-face fundraising during a pandemic?

Face-to-face fundraising is regulated by the Institute of Fundraising and the Fundraising Regulator. Both of these bodies have been working closely with the government to produce comprehensive guidelines for face-to-face fundraising post-lockdown, which Concern is now following. 

Is face-to-face fundraising safe at this time?

Concern Worldwide has carried out a thorough risk assessment and created working guidelines designed to keep the public and our fundraisers as safe as possible. Fundraisers must confirm that they have no symptoms of Covid-19 and that they have not, to their knowledge, been in contact with anyone with symptoms at the start of each shift.

Street fundraiser in protective gear smiles and waves
Charlie, one of Concern's street fundraisers, shows off his new Covid-friendly attire

What safety measures are in place for both fundraisers and the public?

Our fundraisers have been fully trained on best hygiene practises and safety measures, including regular hand-washing and coughing and sneezing etiquette. Each fundraiser has also been issued with equipment such as face-visors, face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, wipes and all fundraisers have received training on how to use them correctly.

All our fundraisers are maintaining a 2-metre distance from members of the public and limiting the length of their conversations to 15 minutes. If someone decides to sign up to give a regular gift to Concern, the process is now contactless.

How does contactless sign-up work?

If you decide to give a regular gift to Concern through a contactless payment, the fundraiser will first ask you for some personal information to set up the gift. They will record this on a tablet and upload it to a secure server. When it comes to registering your preferred payment details, the fundraiser will send this part of the form to your mobile device. You can then enter your details securely and upload them to our server yourself. The fundraiser will never see your payment details and no personal information will be stored on the tablet.

How will I recognise a Concern fundraiser?

All of our fundraisers wear a green tabard with the Concern logo and an ID badge with their name and photo. Their big smiles should also make them easy to spot!

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