Ration Challenge box and participant Photo: Darren Vaughan / Concern Worldwide / April 2019Ration Challenge box and participant Photo: Darren Vaughan / Concern Worldwide / April 2019Ration Challenge box and participant Photo: Darren Vaughan / Concern Worldwide / April 2019

Ration Challenge

Please see announcement below

Ration Challenge
Please see announcement below

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to take the difficult decision to delay the Ration Challenge until later in the year.

The health and safety of our participants and supporters comes first – that’s why postponing is the right decision for us to make.

The Covid-19 pandemic is devastating lives both at home and internationally. We are well aware of the strain it is placing on our healthcare service and staff, and are deeply concerned about the impact it could have in the world’s poorest countries. We can only imagine the unparalleled rate at which the disease could spread through refugee camps - where people live in close and cramped conditions, and where health systems are weak or don’t exist. It could lead to an enormous humanitarian catastrophe.

That’s why we have launched our Coronavirus Emergency appeal. We’re currently training teams in 23 of the world’s most vulnerable countries on how to prevent and respond to Covid-19. Drawing on our experience helping to control outbreaks like Ebola, we’re working with local health authorities to ensure a coordinated effort in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) provision, community education, and healthcare worker training. We will use our experience in every way we can to stop the spread of Covid-19. 

So although the Ration Challenge is postponed, we are asking people to stand together, and demonstrate how our collective actions can bring about real change.

See the impact Ration Challenge made in 2019

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Together we have raised nearly £850,000 so far, and over £7.5m million globally since the campaign launched in Australia in 2014. The £850,000 raised in the UK this year will go towards helping Syrian refugees in Jordan as well as supporting other vulnerable communities around the world

By taking part in the challenge people not only raised money but were also able to start conversations and raise awareness of the refugee crisis. 

What is the Ration Challenge?

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