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Volunteers in UkraineVolunteers in UkraineVolunteers in Ukraine

In photos: Providing long-term support to families in Ukraine

In photos: Providing long-term support to families in Ukraine
Story21 February 2024Nicole Bayes-Fleming

This February marks two years since conflict in the Ukraine escalated, driving many people to leave their homes in search of safety. More than 14 million people are still in need of humanitarian assistance, according to the UNHCR. 

Concern continues to deliver emergency and long-term support to Ukrainians. In 2023, we reached over 144,000 people through emergency, protection and livelihoods programming as part of the Joint Emergency Response in Ukraine (JERU). 

Preparing homes for winter

Nearly 1.5 million homes in Ukraine have been damaged or destroyed since the fighting began, the UNDP estimates. This leaves many families to survive Ukraine’s freezing winter months without adequate shelter. To help meet the immediate needs of Ukrainians, Concern provides cash payments to families so they can winterise their homes and buy the firewood needed to keep warm.   

Volunteers in Ukraine
One of Concern’s local partners, We are Brothers, provides stoves and insulates houses. Here, volunteers are preparing to install stoves in local households. Photo: Simona Supino/Concern Worldwide
Family in Ukraine
Vira (30), with her children Zoya (7), and Vasyl (10). The family heats their house with firewood, as there is no centralised heating in their home. Photo: Simona Supino/Concern Worldwide
Volunteers in Ukraine
Several teams of workers are installing stoves in households throughout Hontarivka village. Photo: Simona Supino/Concern Worldwide
Woman in Ukraine
Larysa, 56, is a social worker. She received a new stove to burn fire, much needed since her heating system broke down at the beginning of winter.
Man in Ukraine
Valeriy, 60, does not want to be pitied but he is grateful for the new stove. He says, “We are Ukrainians, we will cope with everything.” Photo: Simona Supino/Concern Worldwide

Livelihoods support

In the past year, Concern’s programming in Ukraine began focusing on resilience-building for communities to reduce the impact of future shocks. Livelihoods support for individuals is a vital part of this response.  

This is being achieved through the provision of micro-grants for entrepreneurs, along with skills training and placement opportunities for people that match market demand. The long-term aim is to generate income for vulnerable households, restore the availability of basic goods in the markets, and ultimately reduce reliance on humanitarian aid.  

Women in Ukraine
Nataliya* (35) and Valeriya* (40) were displaced from their homes when fighting began and had to abandon their business. Two years later, they have been able to rebuild their clothing company away from home, with support from a grant. Photo: Simona Supino/Concern Worldwide
Ukrainian woman in business
Nataliya is responsible for embroidery. She comes up with the design herself, then transfers it to a graphic format and uploads it to a special programme. Photo: Simona Supino/Concern Worldwide
Ukraine woman sewing
Valeriya is responsible for sewing the clothes they sell. Business has now surpassed pre-pandemic ordering levels. Photo: Simona Supino/Concern Worldwide
Ukrainian man
Mykhailo, 33, is a displaced entrepreneur. He relocated his family and business to Poltava. Here, he proudly shows the Trident, Ukraine’s coat of arms, cut out of metal. Photo: Simona Supino/Concern Worldwide

Thank you for all your support! 

A man hugs his daughter and grandaughter after they crossed the border from Ukraine to Poland. Numerous Ukrainians are leaving the country fleeing the conflict.

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