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Concern (UK) disappointed with new International Development Strategy

Talaso Abduba, by a water point in Horrigutha, near by North Horr town in Marasbit, Kenya. Photo: Ed Ram
Talaso Abduba, by a water point in Horrigutha, near by North Horr town in Marasbit, Kenya. Photo: Ed Ram

In response to the newly unveiled International Development Strategy, Concern Worldwide (UK)’s Director of Advocacy and Institutional relationships, Anushree Rao said:

“Concern is disappointed with the UK government’s International Development Strategy, released today after significant delays.

“The UK government has decades of leadership and expertise in tackling extreme poverty but this strategy has significantly downgraded poverty alleviation and turned its back on the world’s poorest. At a time when conflict, climate change, and severe hunger are reversing all the gains we have made in global poverty reduction, the government has chosen to prioritise trade and investment.

“We welcome the focus on humanitarian response, but know that prevention is the best form of response. This strategy has little detail on how the UK government will prevent, anticipate, and build better resilience- including through tackling malnutrition, and improving climate change adaptation. These are solutions we know are effective in saving lives, and breaking the cycle of poverty and vulnerability.

“As the UK chooses to rebalance UK aid investments to spend more bilaterally, we urge the government to ensure that this goes to the countries and people who need it the most, especially as the UK aid cuts have already adversely impacted essential programmes in many of these contexts. We are faced with many crises today – in Ukraine, the Horn of Africa, and Afghanistan amongst others. There is a concern that funding will continue to be redistributed from one crisis to another as the government fails to return to 0.7% of GNI.

“We still need to see how this strategy will guide the government’s investments and efforts on the ground. Concern will continue to work hard to ensure that the UK government’s efforts do not lose sight of the world’s poorest people, living in some of the most fragile contexts.”


For more information or interview requests please contact Charlotte Hussey, Senior Communications Officer, at [email protected] 

Apoline Niyosenge is taught how to wash her hands properly by Concern community worker Abel Bamwisho, DRC. Photo: Pamela Tulizo

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