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Concern Worldwide (UK) Executive Director gives statement in response to overseas aid debate

A woman prepares to send a shipment of suppoprt provided by UK aid
Image: BBC News / PA Media

In response to the emergency debate following Conservative MPs' failed attempt to force a vote on the aid cuts, Danny Harvey, Executive Director of Concern Worldwide (UK) said:

Danny Harvey, Concern Worldwide (UK) Executive Director.
We are heartened to see MPs stand up for what is right by voicing their support for oversees aid in parliament today. Right now, the world is at the brink of multiple famines in the midst of the worst health crisis in recent history, while millions in fragile countries are grappling with conflict and the devastating consequences of climate change. We hope that the UK government will keep its promise and return to spending 0.7% of GNI on aid as quickly as possible. The UK’s aid commitment has the potential to save millions of lives if the government allocates these funds wisely. We need an aid budget that is focused on famine prevention, addressing hunger and improving nutrition, and that builds on the UK’s track record of promoting gender equality in order to end extreme poverty. As hosts of the G7 this year, now is not the time for the UK to turn its back on the world’s poorest.
Danny Harvey - Executive Director of Concern Worldwide (UK)

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