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Concern Worldwide (UK) Executive Director responds to UK commitment at Nutrition for Growth summit

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This year's Nutrition for Growth Summit is taking place 7 - 8 December 2021.

In response to the UK's commitment at the 2021 Nutrition for Growth summit, Danny Harvey, Executive Director of Concern Worldwide (UK) said:

"The complete absence of a financial commitment from the UK at this year’s Nutrition for Growth summit is shocking. It is irresponsible for the UK to be stepping back just as we are witnessing catastrophic increases in global hunger and malnutrition in the countries we work in, driven by conflict, the climate crisis and Covid-19.   

We condemn the UK’s decision to turn away from their commitment as a world leader in nutrition. The UK hosted the first ever N4G Summit in 2013 but, having slashed funding to tackle malnutrition by 70% in the 2021 ODA cuts, it is now stepping away from the opportunity to build on the progress of previous summits.   

Malnutrition is the reason why 2.5 million young children die each year before their fifth birthday, and it causes irreversible damage to around 149 million children who survive. Without action, malnutrition will continue to blight the lives of millions, making people more vulnerable to future crises, undermining global health and exacerbating gender inequalities.  

While the commitment to adopt the policy marker for nutrition, in line with ICAN UK’s recommendation, is a welcome step, it is not enough. The FCDO must go much further or risk losing decades of progress. As the new international development strategy is finalised next year, the government must make improving nutrition for the world’s most vulnerable a priority."  


For more information and media enquiries, please contact Hannah Myerson, Senior Communications Officer, at [email protected].

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