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Terms and conditions for donating via SMS to Concern Worldwide (UK)

By donating you are agreeing to receive text updates about our vital work tackling hunger and a telephone follow-up call from us about your generous donation. If you would prefer not to be contacted by SMS please text DECLINE to 70099 to stop future SMSs. Or please email [email protected] or call 0800 032 4001.


1. You will be charged the advertised amount plus one message at your standard network rate.

2. Please ensure you spell the SMS keyword carefully and send your text message to the correct shortcode.

3. If your keyword and shortcode are valid, and your text message received whilst this campaign is active you will be charged the advertised amount via a bounce-back message.  The charge will appear on your mobile phone bill or be taken from available funds on a non-contract mobile phone (PAYG).

4. If your keyword or shortcode are invalid, or your text message is received after the campaign or promotion has finished, you may still be charged your standard network message charge; however you will not be charged the advertised amount and you will not be donating to Concern Worldwide.

5. All supporters must obtain permission from the bill payer before sending a SMS text message.

6. Please ensure that you do not send more texts than you can afford or your mobile network will allow.  

7. Concern Worldwide, Cymba ( or their sub-contractors, subsidiaries and/or agencies cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction or any other problem with any mobile telephone network or line, system, server, mobile provider or otherwise which may result in any SMS text being lost or not properly received.

8. This service is available to Vodafone, EE, O2, 3, and Virgin users only.

9. This service is available in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales only.

10. The SMS service is provided by Cymba ( if you have any queries regarding the service; please contact Concern Worldwide at the following address:

Concern Worldwide (UK)

13/14 Calico House

Clove Hitch Quay


SW11 3TN

United Kingdom

Or email: [email protected]

Or phone:  0800 032 4001


Monthly SMS gifts:

It is possible to support Concern Worldwide by giving monthly via SMS message.

If you have kindly agreed to set up a monthly SMS we will send you a thank you message and ask you to activate your gift. After you have responded to this message, your monthly SMS gift is activated and your first £3 donation will be taken straight away.

We will send a free text the following month before that month’s donation is due. If you're happy to give then you don't need to do anything and you'll be charged £3. Each month after that, you will get a free text as a reminder, the day before your monthly donation is due. However, you can choose to skip a month by texting the word SKIP to 70007 within 24 hours and if you do that, we won't take the donation that month - you will just incur one standard network text message charge.

You can stop your monthly SMS gift by calling 0800 032 4001.

We receive at least 95% of your donation and the other 5% goes towards admin costs.   

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