Why Haiti? We started working in Haiti in 1994 in response to Hurricane Gordon. We have been involved in emergency response and development programming ever since. We helped to rebuild homes in Haiti after the major earthquake in 2010 and still work with communities living in slum conditions in Port-au-Prince.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere

Levels of poverty, food insecurity and political instability in Haiti are high. It suffers from regular natural disasters such as cyclones, hurricanes and flooding. These have affected the poorest members of the population the most. Around 60% of the six million-strong population live below the poverty line.

The needs are vast and include support in health, livelihoods, skills building, conflict resolution and protection areas. We work with the most vulnerable members of the community in Port-au-Prince to improve economic status and living conditions.

Dominic MacSorley, CEO of Irish humanitarian charity Concern Worldwide
"Haiti may be defined by natural disaster, but our work goes beyond emergency response. It is the site of some of our most innovative programmes, particularly our urban programming. In the notoriously violent slum of Grand Ravine, teams are deeply embedded to ensure we reach the most vulnerable sections of the population and to help improve the living environment of neighbourhoods in the area."
Dominic MacSorley - Concern CEO

Latest achievements


Youth training

We carried out training sessions with 240 youth leaders to encourage young people to use peaceful dialogue to debate and show their disagreements using words and not violence.


Flood response


Life skills

Non-food items (NFIs) are unloaded off shore at Grand Vide for a joint distribution between Concern and World Vision. Photo: Peter Doyle / Concern Worlwide.
Non-food items (NFIs) unloading for a distribution. Photo: Peter Doyle / Concern Worlwide.
Alianna Antoine, one of the beneficiaries of the homes being built by Concern Worldwide. She works as a vendor, selling beverages at a stand in Grande Ravine. Photo: Kristin Myers / Concern Worldwide.
Alianna's new home is being built by Concern Worldwide. Photo: Kristin Myers / Concern Worldwide.
Christela Louis inside the bakery (supported by Concern) where she has worked since May. Christela is confident that through working here, she will be able to grow her business and start saving money. Photo: Kristin Myers /Concern Worldwide.
Christela works inside the Concern-supported bakery that she works in. Photo: Kristin Myers / Concern Worldwide.
Community members of Grand Vide before a distribution of NFIs in the area. Photo: Peter Doyle / Concern Worldwide.
Community members of Grand Vide before a distribution of NFIs in the area. Photo: Peter Doyle / Concern Worldwide.

How we’re helping Haiti

Our response in Haiti has changed over the years, but our focus remains on improving living standards and economic status for the island nations's most vulnerable communities.

Hope and opportunities
Urban child protection
Young change actors

Organisations who fund us


NFI materials being distributed by Concern in masisi, DRC. Photo: Kieran McConville/Concern Worldwide

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