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A to Z of fundraising

Our A to Z fundraising guide is packed full of innovative, creative and unusual ideas to inspire you to try something different to raise money. 

A, B, C, D

Animals - Why should humans have all the fun? Whether it is dressing up as your favourite animal for the day, doing a 10k with your dog, or dressing up your pet by trading requests for donations, it’s time to get our furry friends involved.

Brave - Fight your fears! Whether it#s doing a bungee jump or hanging out with spiders at your local zoo, overcome your phobia and ask for donations.

Couples - Just got engaged? Swap your Gift List for an online Fundraising Page and ask your guests to make a donation to a cause that means something to you and your partner. Planning your honeymoon? Whether it's trekking across the Sahara or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, taking on a Concern challenge could make for a very special honeymoon.

Distance with a difference - Running events are very popular, so how can you make yours stand out from the crowd? Make the run fun with a theme or costume and you'll get more donations for your original approach.

E, F, G, H

Team Concern, from the Belfast office, pose in their Concern tops
Concern staff in Belfast preparing for to relay the Belfast marathon

I, J, K, L

Indoor sport - If there's one thing you definitely can't rely on, it's the weather holding up for your big outdoor event. So why not move things indoors where there's one less thing to worry about? Indoor sports are a great way to guarantee everyone will have fun, without getting caught out in the rain.

Jiggle - Get your body moving! If you're a fan of Zumba or dance, organise an event for your class and jiggle your way to fundraising success.

Kids - Fundraising with children is tonnes of fun, and a great experience for them too. Think about pram walking events, a fun sports day, a 'dress your parent' day or even a baking competition. Let's get the next generation involved! 

Local - What's special about where you live? Take a look at what makes your community different and build your fundraising around that. Do something unique to your community and watch those donations roll in. 

M, N, O, P

Q, R, S, T

Supporters helping collect money at Christmas at a local supermarket
Do a sponsored bag pack at your local supermarket

U, V, W

Unfashionable - Call the style police! It's time to swallow your pride and be deeply unfashionable for a day. think mis-matched outfits, clashing prints, terrible hats, sandals with socks. The worse you look, the more you'll raise.

Volunteering - Offer a helping hand and do jobs for people in return for online donations. Whether it's bag packing at your local supermarket or offering to clean a neighbour's car, those odd jobs could soon add up to a lot of money for your favourite cause.

Worldwide - Get inspired by culture, food and local traditions from around the world and host a themed night based on one of the 26 countries Concern works at. Or get yourself out there and see it yourself with an overseas challenge.

X, Y, Z

If these 26 tips weren't enough, get in touch with our team on [email protected]

Apoline Niyosenge is taught how to wash her hands properly by Concern community worker Abel Bamwisho, DRC. Photo: Pamela Tulizo

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