Five tips to help you hit your target last minute

Putting the fun in to fundraising

Five tips to help you hit your target last minute
Putting the fun in to fundraising

Check out our quick tips on how to boost your fundraising last minute, so all you need to worry about is crossing the finishing line. 

Get work involved

Wear your running kit and Concern vest to work – remind everyone you are in the final stages of marathon training and of course fundraising. Leave a sponsor form in the tea room so your colleagues can easily donate. Pop your online fundraising link onto your email signature as an extra reminder.

Does your employer offer Match Funding? Now is the perfect time to have a conversation with your boss for a final fundraising boost.

Keep it simple

Simple fundraising ideas can also be the most effective.

Why not invite your friends over for a movie; have your pink ladies over for a Grease night, or get your fill of Bruce Willis in a Die Hard marathon. A twenty quid donation includes a spot on the sofa and an endless supply of popcorn.

Or go back to basics and fill a jar with sweets and charge per guess of how many there are. Whoever is closest gets to walk away with the goods. Top tip…be sure to count the sweets first!

Get people to sponsor your miles

If you're running a marathon this can be a really fun way to get people to sponsor you and needs minimal extra effort on you're behalf.

You can keep it simple with this tip, or go all out and add their name to your running top, maybe take a photo at each mile marker someone sponsored to say thanks.

If you get £10 for every mile of a marathon that's £260 to top up your fundraising.

Auction off your skills

If bake sale sn't your thing, you can offer up your skills in return for a donation. This works even better if you can get a couple of other people on board to maximise the skill sharing potential.

Maybe you're an amazing grass cutter, car washer extraordinaire or a crafting whizz, whatever it is get people bidding and watch the donation roll in.

Give yourself a target

Those who add a target to their fundraising page raise 46% more, so why not build on this and pledge to run in a bright pink tutu if you hit a certain fundraising target?

This can be a great incentive for people to donate if you're only a few pounds away from your target.

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