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FAST in your school

Thursday 21 November 2019

FAST in your school
Thursday 21 November 2019

Join Team Concern Thursday 21 November and take on one of our 24-hour FAST challenges.

Can you give up something for 24 hours?

Your school can take part in our traditional food FAST by sacrificing food for a full 24 hours. Alternatively, this year we are asking you to ditch your devices for 72 hours by taking on our new digital FAST. Give up your phone, social media, gaming or something else digital of your choosing!

Together we can make a lifetime of difference in just one day.

Alida and Fiobona’s Story

Mum Alida and her only child, 14-month-old Fiobona (pictured), live in one of the world’s hungriest places - the Central African Republic. Ongoing conflict since 2012 has driven over a million people from their homes.

Villages and farmland have been left abandoned. When people return, many do not have seeds to plant, or are reluctant to plant crops without a stable future. As a result, crop production has dropped, food prices have increased, and many people are left without reliable access to food.

Alida and her daughter Fiobona in the Central African Republic. Photo: Chris de Bode
Alida and her daughter Fiobona in the Central African Republic. Photo: Chris de Bode

Fiobona was one of those not getting enough nutritious food to thrive. A Concern health worker discovered she weighed only 6.2 kilos and was severely acutely malnourished. Her mum, Alida, took her to a Concern-supported health centre where she received ready-to-use therapeutic food to help her daughter recover.

Within four months, Fiobona had gained almost a kilo and was out of danger.

Her mum told us:

I believe that the help and advice that Concern is providing my child and me will help improve our lives for the future.

By taking part in the Concern FAST, you can help us make sure that mums and young children like Alida and Fiobona get the food, nutrition and healthcare they need to recover from malnourishment and stay strong and healthy in the long term.

We need your support to help more children like Fiobona. Just £50 could make all the difference, and could provide a full course of life-saving therapeutic food to a malnourished child.

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