Become a FAST Youth Ambassador

Thursday 21 November 2019

Become a FAST Youth Ambassador
Thursday 21 November 2019

Join a dedicated team of volunteers (aged 16 - 18) championing Concern's work in their schools.

Why you should become a FAST Youth Ambassadors

Leaders, change agents and fundraisers, the FAST Youth Ambassadors inspire others to take action and raise funds to support some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.  

By registering your school for the FAST Youth Ambassador Programme you’ll receive:

  • Bespoke presentations skills training
  • Volunteering experience and leadership skills to enhance your CV and UCAS application
  • Project kit and FAST Youth Ambassador lanyards  and t-shirts
  • Certificate of completion
  • Presentation on the work of Concern and support from the Community Fundraising Team.

Our ambassadors will take on a sponsored 24-hour FAST challenge and encourage the school community to help raise money through other exciting fundraising events or activities.

Do something amazing and become a Youth Ambassador

Two FAST Youth Ambassadors from Lurgan Collage and Newry, Ballymoney. Photo: Concern Worldwide / Northern Ireland / 2017
I wanted to make a difference in the world, helping to end hunger. I was also excited to test my own limits during the FAST
Hannah Corr (left) - Lurgan College

What can you give up during FAST?

Traditionally the FAST is 24 hours without food but your school, class or year group can choose whatever challenge they like. Consider giving up:

  • Digital detox - mobiles, tablets, TV and laptops
  • Tea, coffee or fizzy drinks
  • Social media
  • Talking or using swear words
  • Using transport – walk to school
  • Gaming

Contact our team online or call 0800 032 4001 for more information.


FAST responsibly


If you are FASTing from food then get permission from a parent or guardian, and a teacher in school.

If you have a medical condition, please choose another FAST challenge.


FAST tips


Help those in need across the world

  • Our mission is to permanently transform the lives of people living in extreme poverty.

  • When an emergency strikes we are among the first on the ground.

  • We go to the ends of earth to deliver aid where it's needed most.

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