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Policy Brief

Concern Worldwide's Approach to Emergencies

Last updated:
14 February 2018

Concern is a humanitarian organisation. Preparing for and responding to emergencies is a core part of our organisational identity and mandate.

This paper sets out our approach to working in emergency contexts, and the requirement that anyone working for Concern may be expected to support the delivery of rapid, appropriate and effective responses to people in need. It places our emergency preparedness and response activities in the wider organisational identity, vision, mission and values and outlines the link between our humanitarian, development, and advocacy work.

Evaluating emergency responses

The Approach to Emergencies paper requires that we evaluate all emergency responses at the appropriate level, use standard templates to ensure the correct issues are considered, and that a sufficient body of evaluations is generated to allow for the regular development of meta evaluations to identify common issues and challenges. In short, we must evaluate and seek to learn from all of our responses, and be open to the external sharing of any lessons identified for learning that might be derived from them.

Concern has produced some guidance for evaluating our emergency responses.

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