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Position Paper

Concern Worldwide's approach to the prevention of Undernutrition

Last updated:
15 April 2016

This briefing paper gives the reader an overview into Concern's work in the prevention of undernutrition.

Photo: Concern Worldwide.
Photo: Concern Worldwide.

It is intended for anyone working in or with an interest in programming to reduce undernutrition both internally and externally to Concern.Programming to prevent and or treat undernutrition can be divided into two broad areas of activity; nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive, although in practice both sets of activities are frequently implemented together.

Nutrition specific activities address immediate fetal and child nutrition and development needs i.e. adequate food and nutrition intake, feeding, caregiving and parenting practices. Nutrition-sensitive activities address the underlying causes of fetal and child nutrition and development such as food security, resources at maternal, household and community level, women’s empowerment, access to health services and a safe and hygienic environment.

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