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Concern (UK) disappointed at funding announcement made at UN Pledging Summit for Afghanistan, co-hosted by UK

12-year-old Najib* and his father Fawad* (47) in their village in Afghanistan.
12-year-old Najib* and his father Fawad* (47) in their village in Afghanistan (*names have been changed). Photo: Stefanie Glinski/Afghanistan/Concern Worldwide

In response to yesterday’s UN Pledging Summit for Afghanistan co-hosted by the UK, Concern Worldwide (UK)’s Executive Director Danny Harvey said:

“Concern is deeply disappointed at the funding commitment made by donors and partners at the UN pledging summit for Afghanistan to help address the growing humanitarian crisis in the country.

“The overall international funding of $2.44 billion pledged by stakeholders yesterday falls far short of the $4.4 billion needed by the UN to support tens of millions of Afghan people, many of whom are facing acute hunger.

“While the world grapples with the conflict in Ukraine and its consequences, we must not forget the people of Afghanistan, whose needs continue to increase. Over 24 million people inside the country and 5.7 million people in neighbouring countries require immediate humanitarian assistance, and 9 million currently face emergency levels of hunger.

This was a missed opportunity and a critical moment for the international community to step up to do more to help the people of Afghanistan, whose lives have been devastated by years of conflict, poverty and the worst drought in almost three decades.

Danny Harvey - Concern (UK) Executive Director

“In addition to urgent funding for a principled humanitarian response, measures must be put in place to stabilise the Afghan economy and improve liquidity, to allow the delivery of emergency assistance programmes."




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