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Why remember Concern?

By remembering Concern’s work in your Will, you will be there alongside our hunger experts to help end hunger for good.

Your lasting gift could help people live free from hunger and poverty

In Chad, one of the world’s poorest countries, Concern supporters are helping some of the poorest and most vulnerable babies and mums. Concern is providing food and healthcare, educating parents on some of the best ways to help their babies grow up healthy, and enabling parents to build livelihoods so they can feed their children for the long-term. Ache Saiid and her family are just one of the thousands of families that people like you have supported to ensure they have enough nutritious food to eat each day. As well as regular health check-ups from Concern community health workers, parents like Ache have received five varieties of seeds such as millet, sesame and sorghum, and tools to grow their own food so children like Maimouna do not suffer from malnutrition and hunger. Parents also learn improved farming techniques to help them grow surplus food stocks which they sell at market to earn an income.

Your special gift could give babies and mums in Chad the chance of a healthier brighter future.

What your gift can do

Whatever the size of your gift, you can be certain that it will make a huge difference to the world’s most vulnerable people, helping them to free themselves from a life of hunger. For example:

  • £150 could pay for 25kg of seeds for four families in Central African Republic, enabling them to grow their own crops
  • £500 could provide five malnourished children with a full eight week supply of therapeutic food in Ethiopia
  • £1,000 could provide books, stationery and learning materials for 57 children to begin formal schooling in Lebanon
  • £5,000 could help provide kitchen gardens for 65 families in Burundi, giving them the means to grow their own food
  • £15,000 could help keep a health centre running for four years in Somalia, giving communities access to vital medical care and services
  • £50,000 could help provide 2,500 people living in the Democratic Republic of Congo with a sustainable safe water supply.

Remembering a loved one through a gift in your Will to Concern

Choosing to support a charity and a cause is great way to reflect a person’s values and beliefs. It shows a determination to put these values into practice and have a positive impact on the lives of others. Those who support our work share our concern that still today, in a world where there is enough food to go around, children, families and whole communities still suffer the devastating effects of hunger.

For some of our supporters, leaving a gift in their Will to a cause that meant so much to a loved one is a wonderful way to remember and celebrate their lives, while continuing to make a lasting difference to the communities we help.

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