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All the latest updates on our charity work from around the world.

Ollie and Joe, two of our brilliant London Marathon runners taking part for Concern this year, speak to us about training, tears and taxis home. 

It’s the week of the London Marathon 2018 and with marathon training, work and all things in between you haven’t got around to all those amazing fundraising plans you had and panic is starting to set in…

Do not worry, help is at hand! We have a list of top tips for you to meet your target within these final few days before the marathon.

So you’ve found yourself training for a marathon and hopefully raising some money for charity, but you’re neither a Brownlee brother or Paula Radcliffe? Fear not.

The London Marathon 2018 is coming up quickly, and this year we’ve got a fantastic group of runners taking part in aid of Concern. We’ve got years of experience cheering on our incredible supporters from the side-lines, and some Concern staff have even taken part themselves, so we know all too well the various emotional stages that marathon running brings with it…

*warning* may cause emotional distress or feelings of breathlessness and triumph.

Concern Worldwide's seed fair in the Central African Republic (CAR) brings communities together to help each other out of poverty.  On the day of the seed fair, families in the village are provided with seed vouchers (from kind people like you), which they can then exchange for the seeds of their choosing and ultimately, give their children a healthy, balanced diet.

With hunger on the rise globally for the first time in 15 years Simon Starling, Director of Policy and Campaigns, explores it’s links with conflict and what can be done.

Josephine Zawele, 45, in a farmer field school alongside other community members in Boganando. Farmers use the field school to learn new agricultural techniques which they can then replicate on their own land.